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Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

Personal Contract Hire, or PCH is a funding product where you lease your vehicle for a fi xed period and mileage, in return for a monthly rental. At the end of the agreement you simply return the vehicle, without further cost, providing that the vehicle has not exceeded the agreed mileage and that its condition is refl ective of its age and mileage.

Personal contract hire (PCH, also known as personal leasing) is a long-term vehicle rental agreement


  • As the agreement is a personal contract, there is no company car benefit in kind tax, giving you more freedom to choose the right vehicle for you.
  • You know exactly what your monthly motoring outgoings will be. We spread the costs evenly over the term that you have the car.
  • We tailor the length of the contract to suit your needs from two to four years. This also takes your expected mileage into account. You decide what is right for you.
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